Welcome to the Family

Brittany and Jarrod

Real life is messy, chaotic and challenging. I learned this the hard way after suffering though several years of working at unfulfilling jobs and struggling to adjust to postpartum challenges and parenting expectations. My life was a cycle of exhaustion, disappointment and frustration which led to a dissatisfied husband and an unhappy home. I truly wanted my days to be different so I began a quest, striving to find the “perfect” solution to all my woes. What would make me feel energized, emotionally satisfied, rid my life of college loan debt, and turn me into SuperMom?

The answer I found:

There is no “perfect” solution. No magic pill or 100% guarantee on parenting satisfaction. No health drink which will infuse joy, contentment or happiness into my life. Can you relate? 

After grumbling and slipping into a bone-weary state, I finally let go of my picture perfect ideal. Astonishingly enough, or maybe not so surprising, it was then that I stumbled upon the answer which made made everything quick into place. I could see the whole puzzle now instead of bits and pieces scattered haphazardly around the border.

Finding harmony by balancing  the seven dimensions of wellness-that became the theme of my life and hopefully, a well-spring of hope for you.  

Here at RLRW, we are a family, supporting each other on life’s messy journey. No judgements. No unrealistic expectations. No leaving anyone behind. 

Our passion is to provide friendship and find you concrete ways to help balance the seven dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, economic/financial, and environmental wellness.

All we ask is you open your heart, free your mind from pre-conceived notions, and live your real life real well. Join us by signing up for our newsletter for tips, freebies, and warm conversation with your RLRW Family.